Usually days off include lots of napping, snacking, and/or Netflix binges. But today, I added something new to the mix. I conquered my fear of shorts! I’m about 7 years in on my self love journey. I was 19  when I first heard the phrase “body positive” and first learned that there are confident fat babes who love their bodies despite all the societal norms, multi-billion dollar industries, and annoying family members who tell them not to! Since that day, I’ve surrounded myself by people, places, and things that support a body positive message. And still after seven years, shorts received a strong Simon Cowell-like “It’s gonna be a no from me.”

I was scared of 1.) Chaffing. It’s a real problem! and 2.) what people would think of my dark knees and thigh dimples. Then I experienced my first New York summer and let me tell you, humidity is no joke! Humidity is just plain disrespectful.. to your hair, your makeup routine, and definitely your outfit choice. I realized for the first time that I wanted to wear shorts, so I decided to make a way. Bandelettes are basically stretchy bands of fabric that go around your thigh to prevent your thighs from rubbing together. They’re little, but they are mighty. I can walk around New York City all day and they won’t budge at all due to the strips of silicone that hold them in place. Plus, I fell in love with the lace details!

So once I had a solution to the chaffing problem, the only question that was left was “What would people think?” Unless your decision is going to have a permanent negative effect on your relationship with your loved ones, your future employer, or the legal system; what someone thinks of you is not really your business. Others’ opinions should not have the power to stop you from doing anything that you want to do or wearing anything you want to wear! So for the first time not on a studio set, but in my real day to day life, I wore shorts. And I felt sexy as hell.

Outfit Details

Top: BooHoo Official Size 16

Shorts: Swak Designs Size 2XL Black jean cut and cropped into shorts

Bandelettes: Size D

Shoes: Ashley Stewart



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