Curvy Sense got me like…

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since my last blog post. How we doing? Y’all good? I’m good. I’m great actually! This week I celebrated my one year  anniversary of moving to New York. Crazy, I know.

I think I’ve transitioned pretty well. I own a winter coat, I don’t huff and puff up the stairs in the subway anymore, and I no longer rely on Snapchat filters to determine which area of the city i’m in! In fact, I have been intentionally exploring new neighborhoods before winter approaches. So when I partnered with Curvy Sense to show you some awesome #ModelOffDuty looks, I figured I would take you to one of my new favorite locations, Washington Square Park.

The weather in New York has been a little all over the place. I’m talking 80 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next – how Sway? Because mother nature is being indecisive, layers have become a necessity. I hopped on over to to see what I could find to make my fall a little easier and I was happy to see some great on-trend pieces (up to a size 3X).

I’m a big fan of the olive green bomber and patched white denim jacket. The bomber is so warm and on trend, while the patched denim made me feel funky and unique. I 100% plan on buying some more patches to individualize the look even more. I really appreciate the versatility of this super simple yet chic sheer black top (currently sold out). If your curvy on the bottom like me, I’d recommend sizing up on their jeans. I had a hard time getting these jeans over the booty, ha! My favorite item by far is the mustard dress. I feel like body cons can get kind of boring these days; but the high neck, side details, and amazing fit immediately made this dress one of my new go-to styles!

I will definitely be shopping Curvy Sense for more amazing styles and you should too! Use code “LaRosa10” to get a 10% off your order!




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