Making History | EV1 by Walmart

Making History | EV1 by Walmart


This post is sponsored by Walmart.


Spring has sprung and this is truly my favorite time of the year! The new year has that feeling of endless possibilities, but spring has always felt like a more concrete time to reflect on where you are, to clarify your goals, and to commit to making some necessary changes – without all that new year pressure! And personally,  I can’t think of a better time to try and get my life together than after the magic that is Black History Month and throughout Women’s Herstory Month!


Lately, I’ve really loved the idea of celebrating history, but of also actively making history through my everyday choices! I was always taught that history consists of the stories of the past. But as I learn to know myself and my own personal power to shape my existence, I’m starting to believe that history is only defined by our present understanding. I love the phrase “And the rest is history.” because in that moment, we are defining and acknowledge that self created truth. That is a power we all hold. We all get to define what our story is, what it was, and what it will be. And then, we get to redefine it if we want to, too! No one can define you, but you. And no one can make your history, but you. So, why wouldn’t we choose to believe that the universe is working in our favor?


The universe was certainly working in my favor when I found this sweatshirt that prompted this whole train of thought! It’s part of the new EV1 by Ellen DeGeneres spring collection from Walmart! The line was designed with you in mind! And you! And you! In true Ellen fashion, this collection was thoughtfully crafted to be inclusive, colorful, and full of love. With lots of denim, sweaters, jackets, activewear, and even shoes, there’s something for everyone!


When I was shopping the collection, I was immediately drawn to the making history message on this sweatshirt! I think that most of us would like to know that we are making a difference somewhere to someone; and that’s exactly what I am setting my intentions on when I’m wearing it! These cute white vintage jeans caught my eye for a far less meaningful reason! I noticed them because they are actually called the “Alex Relaxed Vintage Jean” and honestly, how perfect is that? I finished the look with these super comfy sneakers and a pair of simple silver hoops! All of these items are available at Walmart.


Thanks for reading and, as always, I hope you have an amazing week!




Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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2 thoughts on “Making History | EV1 by Walmart

  1. Omgsh I just love this color and look on you!!! I’ve been very hesitantant to wear such bold colors…I often find myself not wanting to call much attention to myself. 😞 But I’m really thinking about getting that sweater its so pretty. I just love following you and getting outfit ideas from you. Thank you for the advice and the “real” take on how things fit. You are doing an amazing job👍🏾 Keep it up.


    • Hi Jess!!

      First of all, thank you for being so sweet and supportive!! My favorite part of my job is testing out different brands and styles for you and helping you feel comfortable in your clothing!

      I was just like you! I used to only wear black because I thought it helped me blend in! And don’t get me wrong… I still wear a lot of black, but not to hide! When I find something that speaks to me, it can be neon green and I’ll still rock it! You can get there too! 💜💜💜


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