10 Tools for Plus Size Yoga


When I started practicing yoga four years ago, my life changed for the better! Not only is yoga physically rewarding, it is a mental and spiritual game changer! There is something so powerful about taking time each day to clear your mind, focus on your breath, and stretch your body! I had thought about trying yoga in college, but I had always thought it wasn’t plus size friendly. Thank goodness for the internet where I was introduced to incredible women like Jessamyn Stanley and Valerie Sagun who showed me that yoga was for every body!

In today’s post I want to share some yoga tools that help bigger bodies like mine throughout my practice. It is not uncommon for bodies to have various levels of stretch and movement, but for some reason, there is this expectation we put on ourselves to nail a yoga pose on the first try! Instead of pushing your body past its limits, I suggest coming into your practice prepared to make some modifications! I use all of these tools in one way or another! Take a look and comment below if you have any questions!

  1. 1/2 Inch Yoga Mat: This mat is twice as thick as a standard mat which I think is 100% necessary to protect our joints!
  2. Non Slip Yoga Socks: I’m a sweater, haha! These help me feel more secure especially once I start to sweat!
  3. High Density Yoga Block: This brings the earth up to you whenever necessary! Pro tip: Use all sides of the block to use at different heights!
  4. Soft Cotton Yoga Block: This is a great way to add extra comfort! A thick folded blanket can work too!
  5. Yoga Strap: Think of these are an extension of your hands! Use the straps to help you stretch your best!
  6. Yoga Mat Towel: Did I mention I’m a sweater? This towel can soak up much more sweat than you’d think! Make sure you wash regularly!
  7. Stainless Steal Water Bottle: Gotta stay hydrated!
  8. Leggings with Pockets: Perfect for yoga at the gym or at a studio!
  9. Leggings without Pockets: Perfect for yoga at home!
  10. Crossback Sports Bra: There aren’t a lot of quick movements in yoga but your girls steal need some support!




2 thoughts on “10 Tools for Plus Size Yoga

  1. I am not as blessed as you in the boob department lol but what affordable sports bra do you recommend? I wear a 40D but have had little success with mainstream sports bras. Lane Bryant and Torrid want to charge upwards of $70 for a sports bra! That’s insane! Btw, I’m a sweater too! Lol


    • I really love Lane Bryant bras to be honest! I always stock up during their annual sale! I also found some great sports bras through Dia & Co! Have you heard of them? They help you find bras based on your bust, fit, activity level, and budget! They are great!


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