Nordstrom Rack Summer Must Haves!

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack and ShopStyle:  As we all know by now, this summer is looking a little different! Just because we’re staying at home does NOT mean that summer fashion is cancelled. I’ve been finding SO many incredible summer styles at Nordstrom Rack! It’s so exciting to be able to stock […]

10 Tools for Plus Size Yoga

Hello! When I started practicing yoga four years ago, my life changed for the better! Not only is yoga physically rewarding, it is a mental and spiritual game changer! There is something so powerful about taking time each day to clear your mind, focus on your breath, and stretch your body! I had thought about […]

Belonging | Sponsored by Old Navy

This post is sponsored by Old Navy.


Hi babes!


Welcome to July! Can you believe we are officially in the latter half of the year! I keep seeing a meme that says “6 months til 2020. Don’t let anyone waste your time” and well I couldn’t agree more! You’ve got to have the right people around you! It is so important to find a group of friends (or family) where you truly feel like you belong!


Belonging is that feeling when you can be your most honest, silly, and vulnerable self and know that you’ll be accepted no matter what! #BelongingLooksLike someone going out of their way to show you that they care! Belonging is that assuring feeling that when you’re down, there will be someone there to pick you back up! Or you know…give you a piggy back ride!


My fiancé, Paul, has been one of those people for me since day one – which I why he’s now my fiancé, haha! He has always made me feel like I belong and he is *almost* always down to support me in even my silliest moments! Like when we were taking this photo and I convinced him he should get on my back instead of the other way around!

This year is Old Navy’s 25th birthday and their bday theme is belonging! I couldn’t be happier that such a big brand is making such an important statement about inclusion and support! From model choices to in store plus size shipping, Old Navy has always done an amazing job of making me feel included as a plus size women! That’s why I shouted “YES!” to the opportunity to share their new Americana collection with you! Both Paul and I are wearing head to toe Old Navy and I can definitely see us repeating these looks all summer long!


Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing July!




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Cacique Intimates Wireless Collection

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I don’t know about you, but my mornings have become something I truly cherish! I try to keep a routine: morning stretches, lemon water, walk the dog, shower, eat a delicious breakfast, and sneak in some morning smooches – all before I start my work day! It’s not always realistic, because my schedule doesn’t always allow it! Okay, okay it usual isn’t realistic! Plus I work via the internet and we all know that the internet doesn’t sleep and FOMO is real! But it is so refreshing when I am intentional with my mornings!


Another thing I am ALWAYS intentional with is my undergarments! My morning routine is meant to set me up for success for the day and my choice of underwear is honestly just as important. Comfort and function is key for me and that is why I’ve been loving my bras and panties from the new Cacique Intimates Wireless Collection! I’m wearing the Simply Wire Free Uplift Plunge Bra and Cotton High-Leg Brief Panty!


This bra is the truth! I feel lifted, supported, and secure in this bra and I love that the deep plunge allows me to wear it with so many different styles of tops! I opted for the bright fuschia because we can all use some color in our life – SO CUTE! It also comes in black which is a closet essential! I appreciate that Cacique Intimates carries so many incredible wireless styles and colors because you don’t have to compromise comfort for style! Have you noticed the back detail yet? Cause it’s one of my favorite parts of the bra!  

The panties are also a huge win! I original bought this pair to match the bra and have since ordered 5 more pairs because they are perfect for everyday wear! The band is firmly placed, but not too tight and the cut on the leg gives them that extra flirty feel! I’m usually a thong girl – TMI? But I may be swayed with these cute briefs!


Check out all the new Cacique Intimates pieces here:

This post is sponsored by Cacique Intimates and ShopStyle

Wedding Dress Shopping with Stella York

Hey beauties!

Today’s post is extra exciting and truly a long time coming! I’ve been engaged for 7 months already and I’m finally starting to plan the wedding! We’re looking at venues, brainstorming the decor, and writing out our guest list. But without a shadow of a doubt, the thing I was most excited about was shopping for a wedding dress! Over the years, I’ve been offered a few different modeling jobs where I’d get to model wedding dresses, but I’ve always passed. I wanted the first time I tried on a wedding dress to be for the real thing! And here we are!


I officially went wedding dress shopping for the first time and it was seriously so incredible! I tried on over ten dresses by Stella York and was blown away by how beautiful I felt! Not only was the experience super emotional, it was educational. There’s a lot to know when you’re looking for a wedding dress and I’m so grateful for the team at Bridal Elegance who helped me for my fitting! Today, I want to share all that I learned from how to prepare for your fitting to how to pick your dress!



I prepared for my fitting with no actual knowledge of what would be happening that day! I did basically no research and I don’t suggest that at all lol! Luckily, I learned a bunch and I hope this post will be helpful for you if and when you go in for a plus size bridal fitting!

When preparing for your bridal fitting, it is important to know the Who, What, When, Where, and Why!

Who should be there with you? For my fitting, it was just me and my mom; and that was perfect for me! But it’s pretty normal for your maid of honor, sisters, and friends to come too! I suggest inviting 1-4 people to join you for your fitting! Some brides do come alone, but I know that I loved every moment I shared with my mom that day! It was a special moment and it is so nice to have your loved ones there to share in that joy! Some brides invite their whole bridal party and that can get really messy, really quickly! Too many opinions can be tough and this day is supposed to be about you! Don’t let anything or anyone else steal your shine or influence you to choose a dress you don’t love! And just know, that it is completely normal to have multiple brides trying on dresses at the bridal shop, so your group won’t be able to overflow into other sections!

What should you bring to the fitting? This was my biggest question when I set my appointment and I ended up bringing so much unnecessary stuff, haha! First and foremost, you should definitely bring a good range of nude colored undergarments! I brought regular and strapless bras, spanx, and underwear! It’s also a good idea to bring a few pairs of shoes! The bridal shop I went to had a few different pairs, but it’s better to try on your dress with shoes that fit well and have a heel height you would actually wear to your wedding. I also suggest bring your makeup or having it done beforehand. If you have your hair and makeup done, you’ll be able to see the full picture once the dress is on! And don’t worry about getting makeup on the dresses. There will be a dresser there to help you put on all your dresses carefully! And lastly, you can wear whatever jewelry you want to the fitting, but you will be asked to remove anything that might snag the dress!


When should I make an appointment? My fitting was on a Monday at 10am and I had the whole place to myself until noon! I know that you might work a 9 to 5 job, but the bridal shop assured me that you should try to schedule your fitting on a weekday instead of a weekend. Most bridal shops are open after work hours, so you might find it helpful to schedule your fitting on a weeknight! It’s important to start shopping for your dress 8-9 months before the wedding! That seems like such a long time, because well… it is! But they are making the dress specifically for you and that takes about sixteen to twenty weeks to receive! Then you have a few months to make any final alterations!

Where should I make my appointment? This one was easy for me, because I went where I knew they would have a wide selection of Stella York dresses! The best way to find out what bridal stores carry plus sizes is to simply call! Most stores will be extra kind and accommodating! If they don’t carry plus sizes, they will often point you in the right direction of what other bridal shops will have the best selection! And if they do carry plus sizes, they can check their inventory to see how many options they have in your size and even request more samples from brands – if there’s enough advance notice!

Why should you go in for a bridal fitting? Because you want to look and feel your best on your big day! There are other ways to order wedding dresses, but fittings allow you to try out different kinds of dresses all at once and play with the accessories too! The staff will have SO much knowledge and experience; and that will be extremely helpful in eliminating some of the stress that can come with wedding planning! Also, the fitting is free; so… why not?


Okay, so let’s talk about the dresses themselves! I walked into my fitting with absolutely no clue what kind of dress I wanted! I had never really thought about it, so I decided that I should try as many styles as possible. And I seriously recommend that plan of action! When you try on all the different styles you can find what silhouette, color, and detailing you love – in that order!

I tried on four different silhouettes: ballgown, fit & flare, soft A-line, and full A-line. Each cut can come with different necklines, fastenings, and fabrics! And then I moved on to color selection! Pro tip: Pure white is actually a bit blue; so choose Ivory for a more traditional look! Each and every dress you try on can be made it multiple colors, so all the dresses are worth trying on even if you don’t like color. It’s also noteworthy that the hem and size chart can vary from brand to brand! All of the Stella York dresses I”m wearing below come hemmed to 5’9. I’m just an inch shorter so it was too noticeable! Bridal shops come equipped with plenty of tools to help you see how it will fit once tailored for you! You can see that I needed several clips here in this first photo!


Stella York style 6315

This first dress is a ballgown with a horsehair trim and sweetheart neckline! The ivory trim sits over a moscato colored base.


Stella York style 6810

This is an ivory, soft A-line dress with a sweetheart neckline and an off the shoulder top.


Stella York style 6385

This is a two tone, aline dress with a sweetheart neckline and chantilly lace detailing. The ivory lace sits over a pewter base.


Stella York style 6257

The next dress is an ivory, fit and flare dress with a sweetheart neckline and a corset back. The belt is added separately.


Stella York style 5922

This gold fit and flare dress has a V-neckline and beautifully detailed bedding.


Stella York style 6025

This ivory, A-line dress had a sweetheart neckline, lace edging, and a tulle bottom.


Stella York style 6776

The last dress is an A-line with a sweetheart neckline, corset back, and lace detailing. The ivory lace sits over a glittery champagne colored base.


Once you find a dress that you love, there are so many extra details that can be added to make the dress your own! The seamstress can alter, adjust, and add extra beading, lace, ribbons, rhinestone layerings, and even extended trains. Most bridal shops will also have veils, belts, and other accessories for you to try on! No matter how you choose to make your dress yours, make sure that you feel comfortable, beautiful, and overall bridal!



Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was helpful! Be sure to comment with an questions and I’ll do my best to help! And if you’re ready to find the Stella York wedding dress of your dreams, you can view a complete list of retailers using the store locator.



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Power Outfit | Sponsored by Express

Hey beauties!

It’s the end of Women’s History Month and like every year (every day, if we’re being honest), I am absolutely blown away by the powerhouse women in my life and online! Do you know how truly lucky we are to be living in the age of the internet where we can read stories of women doing incredible work all over the world? Do you know that also includes YOU? Women are strong, powerful, and more ambitious than ever! In just my immediate friend group, I’ve got doctors, CEOs, moms, scholars, and so much more! I am so inspired on the daily!

One thing that I’m learning is that success isn’t reserved for those who went to the best schools or those with the biggest bank accounts. You don’t have to fit the mold or have everything figured out! Whether it’s your career, your love life, or your own personal wellness; all you need to grow is ambition and the belief that what you want is possible!! I’m currently working on refining that inner voice that for so long said I couldn’t accomplish my goals for whatever reason and changing it to a voice that says, “you know what? Maybe I can!” I used to daydream and think about all the negative “what ifs.” And I know I’m not alone! So I’m challenging you to daydream and think “what if this all works out?” Powerful right?

Fine tuning that inner voice to work in your favor is the number one step toward accomplishing any goal! And you know what? IT’S TOTALLY DOABLE! It will feel different at first, but the more you decide to give yourself a chance, the easier it gets! And then you get to watch the beautiful process of changing into a women who not only believes in herself, but KNOWS that success is on her side! Your ambition grows and you find yourself thriving in things that were once just a daydream!

One thing that changed for me (that was a much welcomed surprise) was finding ways to feel powerful immediately! One way that I will instantly feel recharged and ready to go is a solid convo with a friend where you are encouraging them! Speaking life into your friend and their dreams definitely has a reciprocal effect! You’ll leave that conversation feeling encouraged yourself! Another way to feel better immediately, is having a powerhouse look! That’s what I call that one outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks! Mine is a great pair of jeans!! My current favorite pair is from Express! They recently launched their new denim proportions that are literally designed to fit all your curves like a glove! With a cinched waist and a fit that mimics your own body, these jeans seriously feel like they were made to fit your body! And I’m seriously digging the cute ankle cut off! I’ve had these for a couple weeks and they have been my go to outfit for model castings, date nights, and everything between! Do you have a powerhouse outfit? Cause you should! And guess what? I have an Express Ring Code that will give you $25 off a $100 purchase in-store or online! The Ring Code is 8132 and its expires 4/15/19, so get to shopping! Terms and conditions apply, see link here:

Thank you so much for reading and remember, you are so dang powerful!! Women’s History Month may be coming to an end, but the party never stops when you’ve learned to harness that inner voice for your own benefit!

Have a great week!



Jeans | Top | Shoes | Earrings

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Making History | EV1 by Walmart

Making History | EV1 by Walmart


This post is sponsored by Walmart.


Spring has sprung and this is truly my favorite time of the year! The new year has that feeling of endless possibilities, but spring has always felt like a more concrete time to reflect on where you are, to clarify your goals, and to commit to making some necessary changes – without all that new year pressure! And personally,  I can’t think of a better time to try and get my life together than after the magic that is Black History Month and throughout Women’s Herstory Month!


Lately, I’ve really loved the idea of celebrating history, but of also actively making history through my everyday choices! I was always taught that history consists of the stories of the past. But as I learn to know myself and my own personal power to shape my existence, I’m starting to believe that history is only defined by our present understanding. I love the phrase “And the rest is history.” because in that moment, we are defining and acknowledge that self created truth. That is a power we all hold. We all get to define what our story is, what it was, and what it will be. And then, we get to redefine it if we want to, too! No one can define you, but you. And no one can make your history, but you. So, why wouldn’t we choose to believe that the universe is working in our favor?


The universe was certainly working in my favor when I found this sweatshirt that prompted this whole train of thought! It’s part of the new EV1 by Ellen DeGeneres spring collection from Walmart! The line was designed with you in mind! And you! And you! In true Ellen fashion, this collection was thoughtfully crafted to be inclusive, colorful, and full of love. With lots of denim, sweaters, jackets, activewear, and even shoes, there’s something for everyone!


When I was shopping the collection, I was immediately drawn to the making history message on this sweatshirt! I think that most of us would like to know that we are making a difference somewhere to someone; and that’s exactly what I am setting my intentions on when I’m wearing it! These cute white vintage jeans caught my eye for a far less meaningful reason! I noticed them because they are actually called the “Alex Relaxed Vintage Jean” and honestly, how perfect is that? I finished the look with these super comfy sneakers and a pair of simple silver hoops! All of these items are available at Walmart.


Thanks for reading and, as always, I hope you have an amazing week!




Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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Black History Month

Ayyyyeeee Happy Black History Month, everybody!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this month for most of my life. When I was a young kid, Black History Month didn’t mean all that much to me. The lack of melanin in my teachers and classmates meant that any extra attention to Black history was reserved for what could fit on the glass encased bulletin board that hung somewhere near the administration office. Once I got to high school, I started to hate Black History Month because I knew that meant a super awkward moment was awaiting me. Every February 1st, a teacher or a classmate or once even the principle would decide to point me out as one of the only two black people in the class (shout out Marcus Shelby if you out there) and ask me some kind of unwelcome personal question that would have me speak for all black people.

It wasn’t fun. BUT then I graduated high school, moved to LA, and learned to self educate! Black History Month became a time where I chose to learn more about myself and my black history than I knew existed. I was geeking out over the Moors, Madame C.J. Walker, and so much more. Did you know that ancient Egyptians used afro picks? In college, I decided that Black History Month was insulting. Why would we only get a month when others gets the rest of the year? I would look at what major media decided to cover and be frustrated that they wouldn’t dive deeper into the history of black people globally. I’d hashtag #BLACKHISTORYYEAR every single day in the month of February.

I still believe that discovering more about black history will enrich your life all year round. I also know that it is not everyday that people are looking to educate themselves on any kind of history. So, if black people have an opportunity to share our history, learn our history, and have our history acknowledged; I’ve got to be on board. I celebrate Black History Month because I want to know more about the past to help me prepare and move toward the future. I hope you all have take even a few moments to learn something new today! And you can start here!

Outfit details:

Pearl Embellished Beret: Similar here!

Jumpsuit: Here!

Faux Suede Booties: Similar here!





Y’all I could cry! My first blog post! *Insert raised hands emoji* This is a loooonnngg time coming! I wanted to start a blog in college. That didn’t happen. I wanted to start a blog in 2015. That didn’t happen. And now we’re here. And it’s HAPPENING! You know what held me back all this time?  I had this ridiculous expectation that I would launch my blog once I had the perfect site with Vogue quality images and Teen Vogue quality articles. I wanted my blog to capture body positive culture, create community, and challenge the status quo all on day one. Obviously, I never felt ready. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. But perfection isn’t real. And if I had to be honest with myself, I don’t think I’d ever feel ready. There will always be something more to learn or some way I can improve. And I’ll take you on that journey with me! For now, I’ve got somethings to say and it can’t wait any longer.

Let’s start with the basics:

Photo by Shay Paresh – Dress by New Look Fashion

I’m Alex! I’m a plus size model and body positive activist. I’ve been in this industry for 8 years and have learned a whole lot about modeling, fashion, business, and activism. I love that there are more clothing options for plus size women and I recognize that we still have a lot of work to do to make fashion more inclusive. I’m from Los Angeles, but equally love my new home, New York City. I want to travel the world and experience different cultures. I think all people deserve love, respect, and equal rights. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I will absolutely call you out on your shit if your opinion hurts people. I curse a lot and I’m not sorry about it. I like spaghetti and cold pizza. My favorite color is purple and I know the words to most Cheetah Girls songs. I’m half black, half white and was raised in a huge Italian family. I’ve been vegan for 3 months now and it’s getting easier every day. I practice yoga and meditation. I hate dancing in public, but regularly twerk it out alone in my room. I want to grow old with my boyfriend. I’m feminist as hell and am constantly inspired by amazing women on the internet. I want people to love themselves and I am furious that there are multi-billion dollar industries that convince them not to. I believe self-love is a journey, not a destination. I feel my most powerful after I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. I feel my most badass when I go against the norm. And I feel my most loved when I forgive myself.

Photo by Shay Paresh

I started a hashtag and internet campaign called #VisiblyPlusSize and it’s been pretty freaking cool to watch it grow! I started it because I noticed that as the plus size fashion industry grew, the size of the models shrunk significantly. Here’s a little history: Before we had fashion forward, trendy, or eclectic styles to choose from, plus size women were shopping in a store literally called The Forgotten Woman. How sad is that? Brands like Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, and Avenue came later, but still lacked popular styles that the smaller women were buying. Fat activism grew and a community of women who refused to be treated differently due to size demanded stylish clothing, a better shopping experience, and all around equal treatment for fat people. Fast forward to now and we have seen the work of these activists blossom into this amazing plus size fashion industry. The industry we know today is a 20 billion dollar industry that becomes more and more lucrative each year. Fashion brands and companies have recognized the money making opportunity and have started carrying plus sizes; however, they don’t necessary operate with the same purpose with which it began.

Photo by Shay Paresh – Dress by New Look Fashion – Cage Bra by ASOS Curve

When I first started modeling, I worked for brands that wouldn’t be able to book me now. I shot campaigns, ecomm, and walked runways all at a size 16/18. Those same brands now only work with size 14 models. As plus size fashion brands have gone more mainstream, they have adopted aspects of the pre-existing beauty standard that favor thin, white and able bodies. And here’s the hardest part about this: research has shown that thin, white and able-bodied models sell more clothes. So from a business stand point, it makes sense. But, I’m not okay with it. We, the customers, have the power when it comes to retail fashion. We get to demand and the brands, supply. I started #VisiblyPlusSize because I want to normalized visibly plus size bodies in the media and in the minds of the customers, so that we can change how brands market to us. Our mindsets are already shifting to a more inclusive norm. You can see it in the success of the body positive movement. You can see it in the success of models of color in the straight size fashion world. We have brands who purpose their work in creating a more inclusive space in digital marketing, on runways, and in fashion options. It’s happening, y’all! And it needs to happen quickly. Representation in the media, whether it is in fashion, on television, in movies, or on a concert stage, is vital for developing a sense of belonging, of value, and of self-appreciation. Not only do images shape how we feel about ourselves, they shape how we feel about other people. Researchers at Durham University in England coined the term “visual diet.” Their studies proved that people became more tolerant of whatever images they saw. They concluded that “showing [their participants] thin bodies makes them like thin bodies, more, and showing them fat bodies makes them like fat bodies more.” This is why we need size diversity. This is why we need visibly plus size representation. It is my hope that #VisiblyPlusSize will help normalize fat bodies in the media, because it directly affects how fat people are tolerated and treated in their day to day lives. I want to see the world be a safer space for all and this is how I plan to help.

If you’ve gotten this far, I appreciate you! Thank you for being a part of my first blog post! Woo! I plan to share a lot of really amazing things with you all! Watch this space for more thoughts on the industry, modeling tips and tricks, self-care practices, style and beauty advice, and of course lots of pictures! I will be launching my YouTube channel VERY soon, so stay tuned for news on that! And as always, you can follow me on Instagram (here) or Facebook (here).

Talk to you next week!


Photo by Shay Paresh – Dress by New Look Fashion